Bitch! Don´t try to copy that picture! It´s copyrighted by YORK HOVEST



A young, thoughtful, intuitive and openminded photographer, York Hovest is based in Munich. Modeling for more than a decade provided lots of insights and experience, and by the end of 2008, he decided it was time to do what he always wanted to do – after assisting several well-known photographers in Milan and Munich in 2009 he started his career as a photographer.

A passion and intuition for the very moment that captures the essence of a situation, a person, a style or an object characterise York’s work, reflecting his penchant for beauty and fashion.

But there is much more to know about this young photographer. For several years now, York is using his pictures to draw global attention towards helpful projects. His dedicated involvement in the issue of Tibet is shown in his book „100 days of Tibet – the promise“.